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Sebastian Garces

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Introduction - Sebastian Garces

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Sebastian Garces: For many people today, building wealth might seem out of reach. Individuals who need the most help are often neglected...

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Sebastian Garces: For many people today, building wealth might seem out of reach. Individuals who need the most help are often neglected by financial institutions or simply don't know where to start. Even those in a better financial position face a complicated range of options. At Freedom Business, we believe anyone can achieve real economic progress by investing in businesses.

Businesses propel society forward by creating the goods and services that make our daily lives possible. They produce your morning cup of coffee, the device you use to stay connected, and the energy that powers it. They create value by making ideas come to life and reimagining how things should work. Unlike most types of investments, businesses can grow in value by acquiring other companies, expanding into new markets, and improving efficiency.

Fortunately, investing in these powerful entities has never been easier. That's where we come in. Since 1999, Freedom Business has provided active investment management to individuals and institutions.

We are independent advisors who work exclusively for you and don't earn commissions for selling you products. Our team combs domestic and international markets for companies we believe have great long-term potential, and we evaluate and monitor these companies for traits including financial strength, leadership, sustainability, and social responsibility.

When you become a client, we assess your goals and create a custom investment strategy. As you deposit funds into your account, we populate your portfolio with shares in carefully selected businesses from our list.

Our separately managed accounts are flexible, custom portfolios that allow us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and to only include businesses that meet our standards. Owning shares entitles you to a company's potential growth and value and to any dividends it pays.

Have an emergency situation? No problem. Shares are liquid, and our services can be canceled at any time without incurring any fees or penalties.

Building wealth and obtaining financial independence is possible. Become an investor, participate in the future, and build your dream. Contact Freedom Business today, and let us show you how.

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