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Yale Bock

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Helping Small Business Owners - Yale Bock


Yale Bock: Hi. I'm Yale Bock, principal at Y H & C Investments. Business owners are typically busy people. The financial aspects of their...


Yale Bock: Hi. I'm Yale Bock, principal at Y H & C Investments. Business owners are typically busy people. The financial aspects of their lives, like planning for their retirement or children's future, don't get enough attention. As a result, they need help with issues like choosing the appropriate IRA, creating an SCP plan, and of course, taxes.

Most business owners pay attention to the financial markets. How they invest should compliment the business they own. Many business owners have a high priority on having the optimal retirement plan. By knowing the proper choices, it saves time, energy, and money.

A great retirement plan is simple and easy to manage. The wrong one becomes cumbersome and expensive. Business owners want their assets allocated efficiently and in the most advantageous way possible.

During my time as an advisor, I worked with clients that use larger firms whose investments didn't meet their needs. We worked with those clients to change specific investments. Ultimately, they felt better about their financial futures.

As another example, we worked with a client that had too many positions. We consolidated those so they could understand the portfolio and easily assess their performance. A larger firm may be less inclined to lend the time and personal attention to a small business owner. That's necessary to eliminate their pain points. We know what's important to you -- running your business.

Each person's specific circumstances are unique, both individually and professionally. Most business owners want us to make all of the investment decisions while there are others that want more input.

Let's see how we can work together to improve your business. If you'd like more information, please book an appointment now so we can learn more about your specific circumstances. Thanks for taking your valuable time to watch the video. We really appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you.


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