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Matthew B. Brozik

Video Transcripts

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Introduction - Matt Brozik


Matt Brozik: Hi, I am Matthew Brozik, owner and financial advisor at Estate & Financial Services. After I graduated college, I sold cars...


Matt Brozik: Hi, I am Matthew Brozik, owner and financial advisor at Estate & Financial Services. After I graduated college, I sold cars for a number of months to pay the bills. During that time, I discovered quite a lot about myself.

One, I learned that I really disliked transactional-based sales. Two is I love learning about people and finding out what makes them tick and creating relationships with them.

Thirdly is I also learned that I love teaching. I'm a natural educator. My goal as an advisor is to empower my clients through financial clarity in education.

In other words, I take complex concepts. I boil them down into an easy-to-understand narrative so that my clients feel comfortable. They feel confident in making decisions to positively benefit themselves and their families moving forward.

My favorite part of working with my clients is when I get to watch the client's light bulb turn on, which typically happens in their second meeting when they're feeling educated, they feel understood. They know that they are being intentionally listened to.

This is the moment when they really get it, when they see how pleasantly different we are, and how we can create the outcome that they're searching for.

When not at work, I spend a lot of time at home with my family, being a husband, and a dad. When I'm not with my family, you'll usually find me outdoors hunting and fishing. By far, my favorite non-work activity is muskie fishing. I love the difficulty in the chase and the awesome reward of catching a big muskie.

Our core culture within our office is summed up in a few specific and very intentional values and beliefs. Most important of these values is bringing value to our clients. We accomplish this by always putting forth our best effort, by continuous learning and inquisitiveness.

We will never settle for mediocrity when it comes to our clients. This is our mandate that we strive to fulfill every day.

We almost always have an in-person meeting to discuss any business. I feel that that is the best way to make sure that we can effectively converse with our clients on their personal and financial issues that mean the most to them. I spend a lot of time on the whiteboard describing and educating our clients on the issues that are brought up.

We also have a very proactive system in reaching out to our clients so that they can ask or discuss any questions or concerns that they may have.

The typical questions or concerns clients come to us with include, "Am I on track to retire? Can I retire and not run out of money? What happens if we have another 2007, 2008 financial crisis? Who can help organize my financial, my tax, and my legal life?"

As an independent financial advisory firm, we have the ability to search out the best plan, the best process or investment that makes the most sense for our clients.

We don't represent one specific company that mandates us to sell what is in the company's best interest or what makes the company the most money. We answer directly to our clients. We can shop the entire marketplace to find what aligns most with their goals, their objectives, and their values.

We're not here to necessarily run someone's life or tell them what to do. Instead, we act as a financial quarterback for our clients. We take a look at the big picture and organize things for our clients. No matter if their life goes right or wrong, what they want to have happen happens.

Our typical new clients do not want to repeat another 2007, 2008 when they helplessly watched the value of their accounts decline. They see value in learning about how we can significantly reduce their overall risk without having to sacrifice returns.

They're interested on how an independent, objective, and tailor-made strategy based on their goals, their objectives, and their values can create more confidence and peace of mind for them moving forward. We are able to offer this and more for our clients we serve on a daily basis.

If you're interested in learning more, please book a time to speak with me today.

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The Problem You Don't Know You Have - Matt Brozik


Matthew Brozik: Hi, I'm Matthew Brozik, owner and financial advisor at Estate and Financial Services. When we first meet a client, we often...


Matthew Brozik: Hi, I'm Matthew Brozik, owner and financial advisor at Estate and Financial Services. When we first meet a client, we often find they have a very similar problem and often unknown to them. They have, what we call, a hodgepodge approach to their legal, their tax, and financial lives.

What I mean by that is they have tax people, investment people, attorneys, friends, family, TV, radio, social media all telling them what to do. However, not a single person knows the big picture, and the problem is, one, those other professionals don't communicate among each other for your benefit.

Two is, you often receive conflicting information, leaving you handcuffed in the middle unsure of which direction to go.

We focus on the big picture, and we strive to be a financial quarterback for our clients. Our job is to make sure that things are organized, so if your life goes the right way or the wrong way, at least what you want to have happen happens.

A great example is we had a client who, along with her husband, was telling us about her parent situation. Our client's father, he was older, he was in his 90s and was pretty resistant to having any advisor come out and help with the family's farm estate plan, really because he didn't trust very many people. [laughs]

Once we were able to meet with her parents and spend some time educating them, we were able to help them understand the components of an estate plan and the benefits for them. Because estate planning isn't ancillary benefit of working with their daughter and son-in-law, we did not ask to be compensated for our services for our client's parents.

We were able to help save the family farm, keep it in the family, and reduce to zero any estate tax burdens to the family. In addition, because her parents were older, we were willing to drive out to the family farm, bring in an outside attorney who we had vetted prior, and explain to the family the concepts they needed to know to be confident in their decisions.

We did all of this simply because it was the right thing to do. We had a plan put together and in place by December 28th of that year. In the following February, just six weeks later, the father had passed away, and their plan allowed them to eliminate confusion, keep the farm in the family, and avoid any estate taxes.

Now, every time the daughter and the husband come in to see us, they start each meeting with me the same way. They say, "Matt, thank you. You have no idea what you mean to our family." I continue to be so grateful to be able to assist that family and others with their needs.

Being able to do so is so very rewarding for myself, my staff, and our firm as a whole. If you're interested in learning more, please book a time to speak with me today.

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Why Your Advisor Isn't Worth It - Matt Brozik


Matthew Brozik: Hi, I'm Matthew Brozik, owner and financial advisor at Estate and Financial Services. One of the first questions that advisors typically...


Matthew Brozik: Hi, I'm Matthew Brozik, owner and financial advisor at Estate and Financial Services. One of the first questions that advisors typically get from clients during their annual meeting is, "What was last year's return?" The focus is often on the funds they're invested in and that ultimate return.

I feel this is hugely problematic, because what advisors don't address is how much risk they had to take to achieve that return last year. Unfortunately, clients don't know enough, usually, to ask.

As an example, we have a successful local business owner as a client who had been working with other advisory firms for the past 20-plus years. Because he felt there was more out there than his current advisors were bringing to him, he asked us to compare his current portfolio with a similar portfolio that we run in-house.

What we discovered was very impactful. He learned that we were able to reduce his risk, relative to his current investments, by 30 percent while still outperforming the market benchmark over that same period of time.

He was able to recognize almost immediately the value that we provided for him, and it was a big reason why he moved forward with us as a client.

Another hugely problematic issue is how most advisors are using a majority of passive investing for their clients because they are either unwilling or unable to find fund managers that are able to beat the market consistently over time with less risk.

The old way of doing things, in which transparency wasn't valued, has changed dramatically, as clients can do more research on their own, learning about the different products, programs, and investments that their advisors are placing them in. By clients asking a few specific questions, it will become abundantly clear very quickly if your advisor is worth it.

More often than not, that advisor isn't worth the fee or commission that you're paying them. In some, so many advisors are using products that clients can easily purchase for themselves, and advisors aren't being transparent in the risk inherent to their client's portfolio in charging a fee along the way.

The clients we serve are pretty smart, and they understand these concepts, but their former advisors are often too afraid to address it with their clients, so we have a system where we can demonstrate in black and white if we are worth it to our clients. That way, they can know what they're paying for and know that they're ahead in the end.

Our goal is to take these complex concepts and boil them down into an easy-to-understand narrative that the clients can grasp. If we can do that, we're going to be successful.

If you're interested in learning more, please book time to speak with me, today.

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