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Financial Advisors Specializing In

Tax Planning

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Why these advisors?
Integra Wealth, LLC
Chattanooga, TN

Comprehensive | Consultative | Fee-only | Investment and Financial Planning Advice

621307048 200x150
Intro - David Hodges
621305567 200x150
The Importance of Diversification - David Hodges
621306680 200x150
The Importance of Minimizing Taxes and Investment Fees - David Hodges
621305976 200x150
How to Evaluate a Good Financial Advisor - David Hodges

4 videos


Valenta Capital Management
Fort Collins, Colorado

Preserving Legacies

598216384 200x150
Introduction - Jonathan Neher
598215860 200x150
Planning Process - Jonathan Neher
598407981 200x150
Advantages and Disadvantages of Consolidation - Jonathan Neher

3 videos


Ark Financial
Austin, TX

Helping successful families and entrepreneurs lower their income and capital gains taxes.

700618434 200x150
Why I became a financial advisor — Jeff Socha
700618736 200x150
Why clients hire Ark Financial – Jeff Socha
700618923 200x150
Why tax planning? – Jeff Socha
700619960 200x150
What advice do you give for a good financial advisor? — Jeff Socha
700619905 200x150
When you helped a client — Jeff Socha

5 videos


Dumont Financial LLC
New York, NY

Our Business is Your Financial Confidence

630217307 200x150
Introduction - Brian Dumont
630217220 200x150
Golf - Balance - Brian Dumont
630217102 200x150
Food - Balance - Brian Dumont
630217047 200x150
Golf - Control - Brian Dumont
630216995 200x150
Food - Control - Brian Dumont
630216924 200x150
Golf - Efficiency and Transfers - Brian Dumont
630216824 200x150
Food - Efficiency and Transfers - Brian Dumont
630216740 200x150
Golf - Risk vs Safe - Brian Dumont
630216658 200x150
Food - Risk vs Safe - Brian Dumont
630216579 200x150
Golf - Taxes - Brian Dumont
630216512 200x150
Food - Taxes - Brian Dumont
630215780 200x150
Golf - Time - Brian Dumont
630215513 200x150
Food - Time - Brian Dumont

13 videos

Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors
Chicago, IL

We help investors optimize their most important business - the management of their wealth.

594467396 200x150
Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors - Jim Hagedorn

1 video

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