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Learn More About GuideVine’s

Compliance Approved Digital Marketing Platform

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GuideVine is an online marketing platform connecting financial
advisors with qualified prospects

Benefit from our innovative, proven, compliance approved technology and services.

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Compliance Approved

Designed with regulatory considerations and constraints in mind. Over 100 compliance departments have approved GuideVine for use by their IARs.

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Digital Marketing Consulting

GuideVine practice management experts provide comprehensive digital marketing consulting to elevate your overall digital footprint.

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Digitally Optimized Profiles

Advisor profiles are optimized to rank highly in search results and are mobile-ready - so prospects can easily find and connect with you anywhere.

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Professional Video Creation

We help create prospect-friendly messages and videos, produced by a professional videographer in your own office.

GuideVine Advisor Success Stories

See why advisors choose GuideVine to market their firms, tell their story, and reach more prospects

GuideVine Advisors share their stories

What is unique about GuideVine is the video experience

Arthur Rottenstein, Financial Advisor in Boca Raton, FL

What GuideVine does ... is allow me to be in front of an individual who is looking for an advisor

Dirk Gilliard, Financial Advisor in Palo Alto, CA

The thing that was very attractive with it was having it being a fixed cost for the year

Nick Lumpp - Financial Advisor in Edgewater, MD

If you’re looking for a system and a process ... video content to market your services – it’s been very rewarding for us

Chris Mickel - Financial Advisor at Valeo Financial Advisors - Indianapolis, IN

Hundreds of RIAs have already benefited from GuideVine.

Learn How We Can Help!

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