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Top Reads: Holiday Spending and a Year End Financial Checklist

This week’s top reads have been compiled with the holiday season and year end in mind. Whether you’re in the midst of holiday shopping, thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, or planning to minimize your tax bill for 2017, you’ll find the content below helpful. For more articles like this, check out Raghav’s previous Top Reads articles here and here. Personal Finance Bill Sweet’s Year End Financial Checklist The end …

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Year-End Financial Moves for the Self-Employed

Self-employed workers face many decisions at year-end: Should they make deductible purchases now or in the New Year, model income/tax differences from one year to the next, open an HSA or new retirement account, or change their business structure altogether? These are important decisions to sort before New Year’s Eve.

While taxes are due in April for calendar 2017, certain gestures must be made before 2017 ends. Freelancers should make sure to open retirement accounts (SEP IRA) by 12/31, even though they have until mid-April to fund them. Freelancers should also review income from 2017 to see if it’s trending higher or lower, and whether that might impact taxes. Mitigation strategies in an up year might include adding funds to a retirement account or HSA, which can help lower adjusted income.


The Wealth Transfer Conversation [Advisor Voices]

See why it's a good idea to discuss financial matters with your family.

Too often families don’t talk about money. We have a long-held cultural tradition in America of not talking about two taboo topics: money and death. Because of that, most parents do not discuss their financial situation with their adult children, especially their plans for what happens to their money when they die. A recent study by Wilmington Trust found that only 10% of people with a net worth of more …

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Top Reads: Personal Finance Tips and Recommended Reading

Raghav has collected some great educational pieces on personal finance for this week’s top reads post. First, we have two articles about the best person to handle your personal finances for the long term – and how that person may not be you. We’ve also got tips for getting started with financial planning, 25 book recommendations from top CEOs, and a podcast about finding happiness at work. For more articles …

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Decision Time Forces Big Questions

Choosing which health insurance plan to buy and whether to fund a HSA can have big consequences, advisors say.

With few exceptions, insurance is mandatory for Americans. Those who don’t have a policy through work or, if self-employed, don’t purchase their own policy, face tax penalties. You can open and invest in a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) to take advantage of healthcare cost tax deductions–but doing so may require that you buy one of the more “deluxe” HSA-approved plans on the marketplace.

How NOT to rebalance your portfolio

How NOT To Rebalance Your Portfolio

You’re leaving your financial advisor’s office, freshly minted plan in hand. Thrilled to finally have your ducks in a row, you’re practically beaming. Here’s what NOT to do if you want to make that glow last.

You’ve taken a huge step, so give yourself a hearty round of applause. But before you stuff that document into your file cabinet, you should know what NOT to do if you want your financial peace of mind to last.

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Top Reads: Savings, Singles, and Startup Survival

In this week’s top reads post we’ve summarized a few of the most-shared articles from GuideVine CEO, Raghav Sharma’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. A few topics below include retirement planning for single people, gender biases in wealth management and survival rates of startup businesses. For more articles like this, check out two of Raghav’s previous Top Reads articles here and here. Personal Finance Savings: 10 Questions to Ask Jonathan Clements poses 10 …

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The Power of the Pink Dollar

The pink dollar is the strongest of any minority group within the US all while making up between 4 – 7% of the population!

With nearly $1 trillion in disposable income, the LGBT community can and should be doing better. Here’s how and here’s why that matters.


Strategies for Diversifying Concentrated Stock Positions [Advisor Voices]

Let advisor Michelle Mabry guide you on diversifying stock positions concentrated in one place with this Advisor Voices piece.

Many individuals have accumulated wealth concentrated in one single stock. Often this is a company they have worked for many years and have watched their wealth grow as the stock has shined. People often become emotionally attached to the stock since it has been the prime determinant of their wealth. This poses a problem for the investor in terms of diversification, lack of liquidity and tax issues. A highly concentrated …