Tax Refund

What Are You Doing To Get The Biggest Tax Refund?

Maximizing your tax refund is about getting all the money you deserve. What if you’re missing out on key deductions or important credits?

Tax time is like a dentist visit. You just want to get through it as quickly as possible. But what if you’re missing out on key deductions and credits and hurting your refund?

college savings

7 Non-Traditional Ways to Make College Savings Less Painful and More Profitable

There are multiple ways to save for college and each has its pros and cons. Learn about seven options that are available to you and that many people don’t even think about when thinking of ways to pay for college.

College savings plans aren’t the only ways to pay for college. There are some often forgotten and some lesser known ways to have reduce your direct cost of college.


How to Protect Yourself from Inflation [Advisor Voices]

The risk of high future inflation may be one of the most important risk factors individual investors will face in their investment lifetimes. In the United States, inflation measured by the Consumer Price Index has averaged approximately 3% per year since 1926. However, the inflation rate has varied greatly over time, ranging from deflationary (nega­tive inflation) periods in the 1930s to double-digit inflation during parts of the 1970s. The challenge …

saving for college

4 Traditional Ways to Make Saving for College Less Painful and More Profitable

There are multiple ways to save for college and each has its pros and cons. Learn about four traditional options that are available to you and which might be best for your situation.

Not all college savings plans are alike and what may be good for someone else may not be good for you. We’ll cover all of the college savings accounts available to you and which may work best for your situation.

hire an accountant

Five Signs It’s Time to Hire an Accountant

Full lives make for complex tax returns. How do you know when it's time to hire a professional to file your taxes?

Many Americans consider tax season to be one of the most worrisome times of year–in large part because they don’t know how the math will work out when they crunch the numbers on their annual return. Working with a CPA or accountant can help ease the pain–and these professionals can also provide valuable financial planning advice and business strategy so you minimize taxes owed and maximize resources.


Ruling Puts 401(K) Plan Beneficiaries on Notice: Remarriage Can Overturn Inheritance [Advisor Voices]

A new U.S. district court ruling is a reminder to always be aware of the rules surrounding your 401(K) plan.

The name on the beneficiary form of a 401(k) plan is the final determinant of who inherits the account assets… or is it? A recent U.S. district court ruling illustrates the dangers of assuming that beneficiary forms always take precedence. Given the right set of circumstances, remarriage can thwart a plan participant’s intentions. When a Louisiana man’s longtime wife died, he amended his 401(K) beneficiary form so that his three …

money myths

Foolish Money Myths That Commonly Fool Us

Even though it’s April Fools, don’t let these money pranks fool you into making money mistakes. Outwit these myths and be financially secure.

From growing up to the nightly news, there are several money myths many of us believe and they could be hurting our financial success. We’ll cover seven myths to avoid on this April Fools Day.

college scholarships and grants

How College Scholarships and Grants Affect Your Taxes

Unsure how to claim those college scholarships and grants on your taxes?

Scholarships are often a significant part of financing a child’s college education, along with financial aid, grants, and loans. Find out how college scholarships affect your taxes and if you even have to claim them on your tax return.