affordable financial planner

5 Tips to Hiring an Affordable Financial Planner

Hiring a financial planner seems like an idea reserved for the 1%. Who can afford it? But there are ways that everyone can afford financial planning. Here’s how.

Let GuideVine show you what to look for and learn how it can be surprisingly affordable – and why not hiring one might even be to your financial detriment.


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As always, retirement is an important topic of discussion at GuideVine. This week, we look at the particular retirement challenges facing entrepreneurs and women, specifically. For great career advice from one of the most liked CEOs or to find out what is involved when becoming a volunteer board member for a non-profit organization, scroll down to the Other Articles section. For more posts like this, check out some of Raghav’s …


6 Common Investor Mistakes to Avoid [Advisor Voices]

Make sure you steer clear of these 6 common investor mistakes with the help of advisor Paul Kluskowski.

Long ago, I learned that success in any endeavor relies on two strategies – and making smart investment choices is no different. Quite simply: Do what works Don’t make avoidable mistakes As applied to investing, I have made some interesting observations on both aspects in my now 17 years as an investment manager. Much like Edison and his lightbulb, I know many things that don’t work and a few things …

planning retirement

Top Reads: Financial Advisor vs Stockbroker vs Financial Manager, and Planning Your Retirement

Raghav has once again compiled a diverse list of reading materials for you this week, and you’ll especially enjoy them if you like lists! We have a list of tips for allocating your money and planning retirement, a list of ways to maximize your productivity and a list of ways to improve your sales pitch to angel investors. Also included for your reading pleasure: the benefit of using a financial …

education funding

Education Funding: A Grandparent’s Primer to Pay for Education Expenses

You want your grandchildren to have the best education money can buy. But you fear sky-high costs could jeopardize that dream. Before you step in to help, educate yourself on the pros, cons, and gotchas of your many options for contributing.

For grandparents who want to help with education funding, this other, decidedly less joyful aspect of schooling, the possibilities are many.


Equifax Data Breach – What To Do

Make sure you are protecting yourself from the Equifax breach with these important tips from advisor Arden Rodgers.

Since the news broke about the Equifax data breach, I’ve been hearing from many clients concerned about protecting their identity. With so much conflicting information out there, I wanted to share some pointers about prudent steps you can take to keep your credit and information as safe as possible. There essentially are three levels of defense you can employ: Level 1 – Obtain and review your credit reports The three …

financial modelling

Top Reads: FinLit for Kids, Financial Modelling, and Responsible Money Habits

In the spirit of back-to-school season, Raghav has pulled together a reading list with tips and strategies you can use when it comes to your life and personal finances. From teaching your children about financial literacy, to the seven habits of highly effective people, to financial modelling with Excel, there is something to be learned for everyone this week! For more articles like this, check out Raghav’s previous Top Reads …

impact investing

How Impact Investing Can Help You Combat Climate Change

Want to use your money to combat climate change? Don’t want to profit off of oil companies? Here’s how to clean up your portfolio and make it align with with the Paris Climate Accord.

Learn more about impact investing and how it can send a message to publicly traded corporations that you’re interested in being globally and socially responsible, not just dividends.


Aligning Life & Wealth Beyond The Numbers [Advisor Voices]

Learn why advisors should focus less on the numbers and more on clients' overall happiness as part of the bigger picture.

Jerry Maguire stood in a maze of cubicles and performed his swan song to the blank stares of his coworkers. In the sports agency racket, he had become lost in a system where both agents and clients had learned to follow the money and nothing else. And so, with a bold manifesto, Jerry broke from the status quo. Sure, Jerry’s just the main character of a fictional movie, but something …