moving abroad

11 Costs (and Savings) Tips to Moving Abroad

Taxes, exchange rates, security deposits and medical care: before you decide to seek your destiny on another shore (or just over the border), know these 11 costs of moving abroad.

The age of expensive phone cards may be over, but even if you’re hopping to the kind of country where you can buy lunch for a buck, there are still a lot of unexpected costs to moving abroad.


The More We Make, the Tougher It Becomes to Retire [Advisor Voices]

See why making more money may not mean a rosy picture of retirement.

One would think, the less you make the harder it is to retire, but I have found just the opposite to be true. Disposable income, or any income in excess of what we really need to live, quite often evaporates into thin air instead of being invested for retirement. Or worse, we create more financial obligations for ourselves that become unsustainable in retirement. The icing on the cake is the …

reverse mortgages

Reverse Mortgages: Forward Momentum for Some Savers?

A once-controversial form of retirement income is getting a second look by financial planners.

Reverse mortgages can play a strategic role in financial planning for investors who want to age in place, or who want to postpone or take only modest withdrawals from traditional retirement accounts so as to preserve capital for themselves or heirs.

financial questions

10 Financial Questions You Need to Ask Your Fiancé [Infographic]

Fighting about money is the number one predictor of divorce. That’s why it’s so important to communicate honestly about money early on.

You may be swept up in the throes of true love, free from worldly concerns about earnings, debt, and savings. But as unromantic as these things sound, asking your fiancé (and yourself) some important financial questions could save your marriage someday.

valentine's day ideas

Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Throw a romantic Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

The average couple spends more than $100 on Valentine’s Day, a drop in the bucket for some, but a significant hefty amount for others. Want to celebrate your love this year without going in the red? It’s possible. You don’t have to blow your whole paycheck to prove how much you love your sweetie.

first 100 days

Your First 100 Days: Money Moves to Make No Matter What

No crystal ball? Don’t let the inability to predict Trump’s first 100 days derail your financial plan. Here are smart money moves to make no matter what happens in Washington.

With emotions running high, you need to focus on the aspects of your finances you can control. No matter what happens, a good dose of serenity, courage, and wisdom will help keep your financial plan on track well beyond the first 100 days of the new Presidency.