The Freelance Economy is Bigger Than You May Think

Self-employed workers face different risks, rewards, and challenges than their full-time counterpart--including freedom to pick and choose projects, as well as the risks of a shifting marketplace. If you’re planning to leap into the freelance economy, here’s a look at what planners and professionals in the field recommend you consider.


Yahoo! : We Need to Work on our Financial Literacy

Yahoo! recently highlighted a study commissioned by GuideVine that shows many Americans in their thirties are sorely lacking in knowledge when it comes to basic financial terms. The majority of people could not appropriately define common financial terms and admit the most common financial mistake is not saving enough.


Down to Business: Choosing Which Corporate Tax Structure Makes Sense

It takes guts to run a business--but it also takes a firm grasp on how different businesses function if you’re going to succeed as an entrepreneur. Depending on your line of work, your income projections and tax bracket, and whether you plan to take on corporate partners or hire staff (full-time or freelance), you face several choices--each with broad implications on your personal financial picture.


New York Post: Americans Are Clueless When it Comes to Personal Finance

GuideVine was recently featured in the New York Post highlighting a study commissioned by GuideVine showing many Americans are sorely lacking knowledge in personal finance. 64 percent of respondents had never sought financial advice before, which may be because only 49 percent of people polled believe that financial advisers are trustworthy.