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Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a Home

Hooray for you! You are ready to buy a home. Whether it is your first home or you are a seasoned buyer, this will be one of the biggest purchases you ever make in your life. Unfortunately the journey to home ownership is full of obstacles and pitfalls. Learn how to avoid common ones and get the most bang for your buck.

By Fern LaRocca, ago

The Pros and Cons of Filing a Tax Extension

So it’s crunch time and April 15th is fast approaching. If you haven’t finished your tax preparation, it might be tempting to approximate it all and hope for the best. However that isn’t prudent and you may want to consider filing a tax extension instead. Learn when you should and the number one rule about extensions.

By Fern LaRocca, ago

The 5 Most Common Savings Mistakes

To begin creating wealth you need to start by saving money. And while everyone knows the benefits of saving there are a few common pitfalls to avoid when planning your savings strategy. Here are five things not to do when building a savings account.

By Fern LaRocca, ago