Fiduciary Rule is Good for Investors and the Industry

After years of discussion and an extensive review and consultation process with the financial services industry, the Department of Labor (DOL) has announced its final fiduciary rule. The new rule will require financial advisors in a variety of settings to act in their clients’ fiduciary interests when recommending investments, rather than rely on the less stringent “suitability” standard previously governing brokers.

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Guide to Choosing a New Financial Advisor

Finding and choosing the right financial advisor is an important step to building your financial future. However it can be confusing and overwhelming, from finding a good set of advisors to meet, knowing what questions to ask them and recognizing what to look for and avoid. Here are some tips from GuideVine CEO, Raghav Sharma, to simplify your search.

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Robo Advisor Vs. Financial Advisor: When to Use Each One

If you are choosing between a robo advisor and a traditional financial advisor, its important to understand your needs and ask yourself several questions before making the decision. If you are hands off, want cheap access to investments and don't panic, a robo advisor might just be for you. If you need more services like retirement planning and need a calm voice during market ups and downs, then a traditional financial advisor might be more your speed.

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Robo Advisor Vs. a “Human” Financial Advisor

There isn't a day that goes by without the topic of robo advisors coming up at GuideVine. Often its a consumer asking “what is a robo advisor anyway” or “what is the difference between a robo advisor and a traditional financial advisor”. Our CEO tries to help make sense of these questions and provide you with the answers.

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