Top Reads: Avoiding Stupidity

This week, Raghav has a great lineup of the most-shared articles from his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles over the past few weeks. In the personal finance section, you’ll learn why a financial planner hired his own financial planner, why antibiotic resistance should change the way you think about financial planning, Read more…

By GuideVine, ago

Should You Roll Student Loan Debt Into Your Mortgage?

The reality of student loan debt is influencing many Americans’ ability to finance a home purchase, but new rules from lending overseer Fannie Mae are introducing new options for borrowers. Financial advisors say the flexibility is welcome, and that for many adults they make sense as part of a sound financial plan.

By Jane Hodges, ago

How To Go from Middle Class to Millionaire

Creating a budget that you stick to and prioritizing savings are two of the most important behaviors needed when building wealth. Lifestyle choices and emotional decisions, like saving for college over retirement, are two obstacles between having a healthy savings or living a leased life without savings.

By Josie Lee, ago