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Top Reads: Retirement Realities

This week’s top reads articles have a sharp focus on the realities of retiring. In the personal finance section, Bob Seawright discusses the importance of listening to our loved ones’ financial advice as we age, Jeff Bush shares how to transition mentally into the retirement phase of your life, and Read more…

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Here Are the Retirement Resources LGBT Boomers Should Share with Their Financial Advisors

With even the youngest Baby Boomers entering their mid-fifties and the oldest entering their mid-seventies, Baby Boomer retirement is a popular topic in financial circles today. However, for the Baby Boomers who are LGBT, retirement often looks different than the picture of that straight, white couple walking their golden retriever Read more…

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Top Reads – Money vs. Life

This week’s top reads dive deep into our drive to save money and how becoming consumed by that can take its toll, leaving us wealthier, not happier. The personal finance section includes a comprehensive article on retirement and why we delay, histories of misers and the fortunes they left behind Read more…

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Top Reads: Retirement Planning

This week’s top reads are about retirement planning. Raghav has sourced articles about entering retirement with insufficient savings, tools to keep you happy in your golden years, and tips for entrepreneurs to consider when planning for retirement. For more articles like this, check out Raghav’s two previous Top Reads articles Read more…

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Should You Roll Student Loan Debt Into Your Mortgage?

The reality of student loan debt is influencing many Americans’ ability to finance a home purchase, but new rules from lending overseer Fannie Mae are introducing new options for borrowers. Financial advisors say the flexibility is welcome, and that for many adults they make sense as part of a sound financial plan.

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