This week, Raghav has a great lineup of the most-shared articles from his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles over the past few weeks. In the personal finance section, you’ll learn why a financial planner hired his own financial planner, why antibiotic resistance should change the way you think about financial planning, and how ‘avoiding stupidity’ is the key to financial success.

In the personal interest section, an article from Harvard Business Review on why leaders need to stop avoiding making difficult decisions and how to grow your business in a world of constant disruption and innovation.

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Personal Finance

Between Me and Stupid

Financial Planner Carl Richards and his wife decided to hire their own financial planner for advice. Richards’ decision to sit on the opposite side of the desk was met with several questions, one of the most common being, Why does a Certified Financial Planner need to hire his own planner?

Thinking about writing a check forced me to get really clear about why I need advice and, in the process, think long and hard about why clients should pay us.

Click here for Richards’ full answer and three reasons he was willing to pay for advice.

Why Antibiotic Resistance Should Change Your Financial Planning

Carolyn McClanahan, physician and financial planner, uses an analogy about the epidemic of antibiotic resistance to explain why you should change how you think about financial planning.

Instead of focusing only on the future, we need to balance enjoying life now with preparing for whatever the future may bring.

McClanahan shares how to do this while thinking about your happiness, crossing items off of your bucket list and saving for when you can no longer work. Read the full article here.

Key to Financial Success: Avoiding Stupidity

Patrick Runyen says that the key to financial success is found by trying to be consistently not stupid, rather than attempting to be highly intelligent, in keeping with the old saying “it’s the strong swimmers who drown.” Runyen outlines eight examples where this idea can be applied when it comes to financial planning, including:
Sticking with the plan and keeping your emotions in check, instead of trying to time markets on the ups and downs.

Find out how you can ‘avoid stupidity’ here.

Personal Interest

Leaders, Stop Avoiding Hard Decisions

If you are a leader, you are likely faced with difficult decisions where you’re inclined to think about how your choice could affect others’ emotions or their opinions of you. The Harvard Business Review conducted a 10-year longitudinal study of nearly 3,000 leaders and revealed that 57% of new executives found decision making to be more complicated than they anticipated.

Ron Carucci has worked with executives for 30 years. He shares common justifications that he has heard from leaders as to why they put off decision making, the consequences they had to face as a result and how you can avoid making the same errors. Read those stories here.

Why Every Company Needs A Chief Entrepreneur

Today, as companies face steady innovation and disruption, it can be difficult to achieve new growth. It’s important to continuously scale and improve business models that work, while maintaining a solid organizational structure.

Growth will come from more ambidextrous organizations that excel at improving their established business model (exploitation) and excel at inventing tomorrow’s growth engines at the same time (exploration).

Alex Osterwalder, Co-founder of Strategyzer explains how to operate a business while positioning for innovation. Read the full article here.



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