NEW YORK [October 29, 2015] – GuideVine Technologies, Inc. (GuideVine), an online platform that provides consumers with a “” style algorithm to find a right-fit financial advisor, is pleased to announce its November philanthropic partner, Prep for Prep, a New York City based program dedicated to developing leaders through access to superior education and life-changing opportunities. This continues GuideVine’s Philanthropy Partnership Program, which was launched last month, to enable people to make a difference in their communities, while also taking steps to secure their own financial future.

Founded in 1978 by South Bronx schoolteacher Gary Simons, Prep for Prep identifies New York City’s most promising students of color and prepares them for placement at independent schools in the city and boarding schools throughout the Northeast. With the organization’s support and opportunities to ensure their academic accomplishment and personal growth, students have gone on to succeed at the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.

“Partnering with Prep for Prep is especially exciting for GuideVine as they are right in our backyard, and make a direct impact in our city” said GuideVine CEO and Co-founder Raghav Sharma. “GuideVine is dedicated to helping consumers find unbiased financial advice that meets their needs by facilitating connections with professional financial advisors. For each consumer who has an initial meeting with an advisor during the month of November, we will donate $100 to Prep for Prep. This is an opportunity for GuideVine, and the consumers we serve, to help students achieve their maximum potential.”

Prep for Prep is dedicated to building a diverse national leadership pool. More than 4,500 members of the Prep Community, who are rapidly assuming leadership positions in a wide variety of endeavors, is proof that the potential for academic and professional success exists in all ethnic groups and socioeconomic classes.

“We are so pleased to have been chosen by GuideVine as its November philanthropy partner,” said Prep for Prep’s Chief Executive Aileen Hefferren. “It’s exciting to partner with an organization whose mission of helping people take control of their finances is assisting our community of students broaden their aspirations and succeed as leaders in a variety of fields including education, business, finance, health care, and law.”

“The more we learned about Prep for Prep and the work that they do, the clearer it became that this was an organization we would be honored to partner with,” said Sharma. “We know that for some consumers, it can be intimidating to take that that first step to meet with a financial advisor and it often gets pushed to the back burner. GuideVine users who are taking the first step toward planning for their financial futures can, at the same time, help dedicated students prepare for advanced education and leadership roles in all walks of life. Our $100 donation to Prep for Prep could be just the motivator they need to help them move forward.”


Consumers can research the more than 170 advisors on the GuideVine platform. Platform features include: videos, profiles, community experiences, advisor regulatory histories and authenticated reviews from the visitor’s personal network. Site use, which is free to consumers, allows them to:

  • “Meet” advisors by watching their introductory videos
  • Filter through a broad pool of advisors from multiple firms – based on criteria such as expertise, gender, experience level, location – all in one place
  • Identify advisors who can address their individual needs and circumstances
  • Read and view only content of interest and connect only with advisors they select
  • Watch “How to” YouTube videos that provide helpful insights and advice
  • Get answers to pressing questions via the “Ask an Advisor” feature
  • Contribute feedback to the GuideVine community

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GuideVine is a trust-based platform, built for the evolving digital/social world in which consumers and financial advisors live. It provides people with an unbiased and transparent way to find financial advice and content suited to their particular needs. The complimentary GuideVine investor matching service, available since March 2014, gives consumers a better way to find the right advisor. GuideVine also helps empower the financial services industry, allowing independent financial advisors to better position themselves with consumers. In the short time the service has been available, GuideVine has amassed over 170 advisors who manage more than $35B in assets. The founders are former McKinsey & Co. consultants and software entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in financial services, investment banking and retail. For more information, visit


Founded by a South Bronx school teacher in 1978, Prep for Prep’s mission is to diversity the nation’s leadership pool. Prep identifies the most able children of color in New York City and prepares them for success in leading independent day and boarding schools. Prep then offers its students support and an array of ongoing leadership and professional development opportunities through college graduation and beyond. Today, the Prep Community includes over 4,500 students and alumni. To learn more, visit

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