GuideVine was featured on the Good Morning America segment “Real Money” with Rebecca Jarvis as “the best place to find a financial advisor”.
Skip forward to the 1:30 mark, where Lauren Lyons Cole, CFP® touts GuideVine as “one of my favorites”.

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George:  Now for our series, “Real Money.” This morning, we’re going to look at how to save for retirement with some new tools. Rebecca Jarvis here today, and Rebecca, there are a lot of new apps out there to help you to do it right.

Rebecca Jarvis:  There is so much help out there for you, George. We’re taking all the heavy lifting and guesswork out, so your money can grow without you even having to think about it. Even if you’re setting aside tiny amounts, these resources can help that nest egg grow.

Okezie and LeeAnn Aguwa met at work. He’s a doctor. LeeAnn is a nurse. Last November, the two were married. They both believe it’s never too early to think about the future.

Okezie Aguwa:  Retirement is definitely something I’ve been thinking about, and also have been contributing to over the years.

LeeAnn Aguwa:  Ever since I became a nurse, I’ve saved some money. I’d like to put more in.


Rebecca:  Enter Lauren Lyons Cole, certified financial planner.

Lauren Lyons Cole:  It’s great that you guys started saving for retirement early in your careers, but not all retirement accounts are created equal. Some of them charge more fees than others. To analyze the fees in your retirement account, there’s this great service called FeeX.

Rebecca:  FeeX tells you when you may be paying too much in fees, and when it’s smart to consolidate retirement accounts. Lauren also says to remember every little bit helps. She showed the Aguwas an app for saving called Digit.

Lauren:  Digit analyzes your checking account and your spending patterns, and judges how much you can save on a weekly basis. Maybe it’s $3, maybe it’s $30, but they’ll automatically transfer that amount from your checking to your Digit savings account.

Rebecca:  Lauren’s most important tip, don’t get overwhelmed. If you need a professional, there are even places to find that online.

Lauren:  One of my favorites is GuideVine. GuideVine actually interviews financial advisors. They put videos and their investment philosophy. Before you even schedule an appointment, you can see if this is the right person for you.

Rebecca:  We have one more bonus resource for your 401k. It’s called Blooom. That’s with three Os. For a small monthly fee, it automatically invests your retirement account for you, potentially saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year, George.