On March 2nd, 2016, GuideVine CEO Raghav Sharma joined Experian’s Credit Chat to discuss how to look for and choose a financial advisor. The session took place across twitter and the Blab live video platform.

The main tweets can be found on Storify and the Blab session can be viewed here.

Topics covered included:

  1. Have you ever seen a financial advisor? If not, how come?
  2. When do you think someone should see a financial advisor?
  3. What questions should you ask when choosing a financial advisor?
  4. What types of qualifications and experience should an advisor have?
  5. How can you determine how compatible this financial advisor will be with you?
  6. What services do financial planners offer?
  7. What are red flags to watch out for when meeting a financial advisor?
  8. How are financial advisers compensated for providing services to you?
  9. How often does a person need to see a financial advisor?
  10. Any final tips for those looking for a financial advisor?

To learn more about the Experian Credit Chat series and the personal finance topics covered, click here.

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