In this week’s Top Reads, we look at the relationship between money and happiness. In the personal finance section, Sam Horn uncovers the fear that many people associate with retirement and shares how to overcome it, Tony Isola explains how you can use your money to ‘buy’ happiness, and Robert Powell discusses study findings on how to have a happy retirement.

In the personal interest section, Deep Patel shares Richard Branson’s eight tips for finding balance for success and happiness, and Ryan Robinson discusses the toxic role that perfectionism can play for entrepreneurs.

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Personal Finance

How to Find Happiness When You’re Afraid of Retirement

Throughout your adult life you’ve worked hard, maintained a schedule, set goals, and created a plan for achieving those milestones. When retirement comes knocking at your door, you may find yourself thinking about what it would be like to have no schedule, to do nothing all day – and that can be daunting! Sam Horn of MarketWatch says there’s a better way to retire:

You don’t have to work around the clock, be stressed out or burned out, and have a boss telling you what to do. You can be your own boss.

Find out how you can half retire and rediscover your purpose in life by reading the full article here.

Money CAN Buy Happiness

The more money a family makes, the less happy they are with each additional dollar of income. And while purchases at the mall will only bring short-lived joy, there are several ways you can use your money to buy happiness, and Tony Isola shares how in this article. A sample from his list:

Strengthen Social Ties
Upgrade Your Exercise
Serenity and Security

For the full list and details, read the full article here.

What Makes People Truly Happy in Retirement?

As Chief Academic Officer of the American College of Financial Services, Michael Finke has been researching how people find happiness in retirement. After years of study, Finke has finally found the answer! In this article, Robert Powell walks us through Finke’s findings, including the three pillars of retirement happiness, and explains how it’s never too late to start working toward happiness.

For the full article and predictors of retirement happiness, click here.

Personal Interest

Richard Branson’s 8 Keys to Happiness and Success

Richard Branson is one of the most successful people in the world. Starting his first business at the age of 20 and later founding the Virgin empire, Branson is a well known multi-billionaire, and someone with an incredible work/play balance, despite his busy schedule. In this article, Deep Patel lists 8 of Branson’s top tips to help you balance your success and happiness.

According to Branson, creating such a life is pretty simple: love others, be grateful for all you have, be kind and be mindful. Oh, and “Never say no, just keep going until you succeed.”

For all 8 tips, read the article here.

Why Perfectionism Is an Entrepreneur’s Worst Enemy

Being a perfectionist certainly has its place when it comes to entrepreneurship, however if it isn’t kept in check, perfectionism can easily lead to burnout. Ryan Robinson wrote this article to discuss how pieces of perfectionism can be used to foster success, without letting it take over, causing you to feel overwhelmed.

You don’t need to accept mediocrity, but excellence does not require perfection. In the world of business, perfection will more likely inhibit your chances of success, than take you there. So, if you continue down the often destructive path to perfectionism, expect to deal with these massive issues throughout your life.

For more on the psychology of perfectionism, famous perfectionists (e.g. Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc.), read Robinson’s full article here.



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