In this week’s top reads post we’ve summarized a few of the most-shared articles from GuideVine CEO, Raghav Sharma’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. A few topics below include how to avoid mistakes when hiring a financial planner, how to use your money to buy happiness, 30 best pieces of advice from First Round Review’s 2017 interviews and more. For more articles like this, check out Raghav’s two previous Top Reads posts here and here.

Personal Finance Articles

Six Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Financial Advisor

When shopping for financial advice, you may encounter some confusion. For starters, the term “advisor” encompasses brokers, wealth managers, financial planners, and other financial professionals. It’s important to have a good understanding of the differences so that you can make an informed decision about who you want to work with. In this Forbes article by Eve Kaplan, she explains the different types of advisors and how they are compensated, and addresses common mistakes that can be easily avoided when looking for financial advice. Read the full article here.

The Secret to Using Money to Buy Happiness

In this article, Peter Lazaroff talks about how we feel when we purchase things as opposed to experiences. The time we take to decide to upgrade our smartphones is minimal – we are willing to spend the money without a second thought. However, the novelty of the new phone quickly fades. When we buy an “experience,” such as a vacation or a date night, we take a lot of time to think before making the decision to purchase and get excited leading up to these events.

I value a great experience because they mean more to me, provide more (and lasting) happiness, and allow me opportunities to deepen connections and relationships with others.

Lazaroff’s explanations around using money to buy happiness may change how you think about your next purchase. Read the full article here.

Short and Sweet

Jonathan Clements saw the old 140-character limit on Twitter as a challenge to squeeze financial advice into those 140 characters. In this article, he shares 41 of his witty, short and sweet tweets.

If you save $5 a day for 40 years by not buying coffee, you’ll miss out on an awful lot of caffeine.   We get just one shot at making the journey from birth to retirement. Flirting with financial disaster is not advisable.

Read more of Clements’ clever tweets here.

Personal Interest Articles

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2017

First Round Review went through all of the articles they published in 2017 and compiled a list of the 30 best pieces of advice for entrepreneurs. From hiring people in your workplace, to growing smarter and faster, to performance evaluation, this comprehensive list covers what you need to know right now from technology’s “top minds.”

[We share] the tactics, actions, systems and frameworks they themselves invented or applied to succeed when the chips were down and failure wasn’t an option.

Read the full article here.

Founder/CEOs: You Have One Job

In this article, Jeff Seibert explains that the role of the Founder/CEO should be much more than a person who takes up residence in a corner office with a city view. Seibert breaks the common misconceptions about CEOs and draws on his experience to share how this role shouldn’t be about taking care of everything all the time. Read the full article here for three tips to help you succeed as CEO or founder.



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