The television industry has never had much time for single ladies. Up until fairly recently, female characters were almost always defined by their roles as wives and mothers, leaving most of the interesting plot development to their male counterparts.

But every once in a while, a single female character gets the spotlight. From Murphy Brown to The Gilmore Girls, television history is dotted with examples of strong women taking on the same challenges as male characters – including how to manage money.

TV writers are notorious for turning a blind eye to the financial consequences their characters might face, but there are still some great instances of single female characters dealing with money matters. Here a few of the best examples, and how these characters might be able to improve their situation by working with a financial advisor.

Midge Maisel from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

When Midge’s husband leaves her, she immediately moves back into her parent’s house and finds a job as a make-up counter clerk at a department store. On her own for the first time, she’s forced to consider what life would be like as a working woman. Although Midge’s ex-husband will likely pay alimony and child support, she still needs to create her own financial plan so she’s not left in the dark.

To ease her way to singledom, Midge would benefit from a financial advisor who specializes in people rebuilding their lives after divorce. A financial planner could help Midge create a new budget, establish savings goals and plan a way to move out of her parent’s place.

Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City”

Carrie’s shopaholic tendencies are apparent throughout the show, and her designer taste doesn’t leave much room for saving, especially on a columnist’s salary.

Her money mismanagement reaches its peak when she breaks up with her fiance and has to decide if she wants to buy her apartment back from him. Unfortunately, the bank won’t approve for a mortgage because she has no down payment or savings to rely on. Eventually, Carrie’s friend Charlotte gives her the money for the down payment, temporarily alleviating her financial problems.

In this instance, Carrie should find a financial planner who specializes in helping people who are new to budgeting. She needs a planner who can show her how to track her spending, set reasonable goals and help her pay back Charlotte for the down payment.

Grace from “Grace and Frankie”

Jane Fonda’s character in “Grace and Frankie” exudes style and sophistication in how she carries herself. A former CEO, Grace built her own company from the ground-up which explains how she can afford to wear cashmere sweaters while lounging on the beach in San Diego.

Grace is put-together in every step of the way, which might explain why she never has financial problems. But she’s still starting over in her 70s, so she needs to find a financial planner who specializes in individuals who are already retired but experiencing significant life changes. A planner can help Grace devise a new budget now that she’s single and ensure her retirement funds don’t run out.

Blanche Devereaux from “The Golden Girls”

A true Southerner, Blanche loves to go out on the town, buy sequined dresses and enjoy life in Miami. A widower, Blanche rents out three bedrooms of her house to the other “Golden Girls.” This provides her with extra income on top of her job and any life insurance she might’ve inherited when her husband died.

Blanche is in her 50s and about a decade away from retirement, a vital time for most people. Blanche should find a financial planner who specializes in middle-aged folks who are almost ready to leave the working world behind. A financial advisor could examine her assets to see if she’s falling behind or is right on track for retirement.

Mary Richards from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

Mary Tyler Moore’s iconic feminist character was a triumph for its era, one of the first female characters that wasn’t a housewife or mom. Instead, Mary is a single TV producer who isn’t obsessed about getting married and having kids.

Her pinnacle moment came in an episode where she discovered the previous TV producer was making more than her salary. When Mary confronts her boss, he tells her that the former producer had a family to support and therefore deserved more money. In the end, Mary’s boss agrees to give her a raise even though she’s a single woman.

Because Mary is still young, she could find a financial planner who helps twenty-somethings just starting out. This financial advisor could take a look at her budget, help her set up an emergency fund and show her how to invest for retirement.

Whether you’re struggling to pay off debt or plan your retirement, you can find a financial planner perfect for you – just like our heroines. To find one that fits your needs, location and more, go to to get connected to the right planner for your financial goals.

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