Financial advice is everywhere; it’s hard to know whose advice to follow when it comes to investing your hard earned money. This week, our CEO, Raghav, is sharing some great reads that offer sound investment and life advice. They give great insight to some difficult questions that you likely have about investing and saving your money. He’s also compiled articles about what the best leaders do, and mental models for your next important decision or business project.


From Millennials to retirees, Barry Ritholtz offer deep investment insights

If you are unsure about your investments, are just starting out as an investor or are worried about outliving your money in retirement, you are not alone. Barry Ritholtz has great advice for all experience levels when it comes to investing. He also tells us how to sleep at night with so much uncertainty and instability in the marketplace in this interview with Vanguard.

“Recognize what we do know and what we can’t know—and try to adjust accordingly. This leads quite naturally to a portfolio that is balanced and robust enough to withstand the regular market turmoil.” Read more.

Morgan Housel on what you need to know to be a successful investor

Do you think luck plays a role when investing your money? Do you think it’s wise to buy low, sell high? Former Wall Street Journal columnist, Morgan Housel, shares his insight on investing, what he thinks the most common investor mistakes are and has some surprising answers to important investment questions. He also tells us why he hopes his own son is poor one day. Check out his interview with Chris Reining here.


We all need commitment devices to avoid overspending

“Avocado toast is ruining this country.” It’s a pretty bold statement, but could it have some truth to it? Find out how small purchases can be costing you thousands of dollars in savings, or how much money you could actually save over time by making a few small changes in your day-to-day life, like having a picnic instead of going to an expensive restaurant. Social norms (like avocado toast) have an impact on our spending, and ultimately how we save money. It’s important to learn from our mistakes and reflect on what we could have done differently when making future investment plans. Read more.


What the best leaders do

Here is an article outlining 10 things the best leaders do – and managing people is not really one of them! Do the people that you are leading know how important their work is and how it fits into the larger picture? Are you responding to your employees’ questions and requests within 24 hours? Find out why these things are so important for fostering a positive work environment for you and your staff. Read more.


16 mental models for founders and leaders

Do you have a mental model for making decisions, tackling your to do lists or completing projects? Have a look at 16 different ways to change the way your brain works when it comes to planning, doing and bringing a job to completion successfully. Using mental models to tackle any obstacle can help you perform tasks with more objectivity and fewer mistakes along the way. Read more.     

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