NEW YORK [May 13, 2016] — GuideVine Technologies, Inc. (GuideVine), an online platform that helps consumers find a right-fit financial advisor by making the search for a financial expert smarter, more personal and transparent, today announced an alliance with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), to help advisors connect more effectively with prospective clients.

“With the increasing number of investors who look for a financial advisor online, the advisor’s digital presence is hugely important,” said NAPFA CEO Geoffrey Brown. “GuideVine can make it easy for advisors to get started and can help those who are already online enhance their presence.”


GuideVine serves as a digital marketing partner for financial advisors, enabling them to:

  • Broaden the reach of their messages to attractive demographics, by gaining access to the platform and the consumers using it
  • Benefit from the GuideVine Advisor Success Team to craft compelling messages and content, which helps them stand out
  • Focus on their practice, without having to dedicate significant time and resources to master the art of digital marketing

Through the alliance, NAPFA advisors will have access to a discounted rate for onboarding services, including help both developing messaging for compelling videos and shooting the videos to be included with their profile, as well as discounted annual platform fees. In addition, GuideVine will conduct a digital marketing consulting review to help strengthen the advisor’s various online profiles. NAPFA advisors will also be included on the new fee-only/NAPFA specific portion of the GuideVine site to further promote their fiduciary standing.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with NAPFA and to help support the advisors they work with. Fee-only financial advisors are a vital part of the personal finance eco-system and are the first choice for many people,” said Raghav Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Guidevine.  “Our intuitive platform, with its deep array of tools and site features, helps demystify and personalize the process for investors, highlights advisors’ experience, expertise and personal style, and allows investors to confidently gain insight and comfort with potential ‘fits’ and the right financial advisor for them.”


GuideVine features videos and other content that make it easy to virtually interview and evaluate the more than 250 pre-screened financial advisors on the platform. They represent firms that collectively manage over $50B in assets. Consumers can access videos, profiles, community experiences, advisor regulatory histories and authenticated reviews from their personal network on Site use, which is free to consumers, allows them to:

  • “Meet” advisors through their introductory videos
  • Filter through many advisors from multiple firms – based on: expertise, gender, experience level, location
  • Identify advisors who can address their individual needs and circumstances
  • Read and view content of interest and connect only with advisors they select
  • Watch “How to” videos that provide helpful insights and advice
  • Get answers to pressing questions via the “Ask an Advisor” feature
  • Contribute feedback to the GuideVine community


GuideVine is a trust-based platform, built for the evolving digital/social world in which consumers and financial advisors live. It provides people with an unbiased and transparent way to find financial advice and content suited to their needs. The complimentary GuideVine investor matching service, available since March 2014, gives consumers a better way to find the right advisor. GuideVine also helps empower the financial services industry, allowing independent financial advisors to better position themselves with consumers. In the short time the service has been available, GuideVine has amassed over 250 advisors who manage more than $50B in assets. The founders are former McKinsey & Co. consultants and software entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in financial services, investment banking and retail. For more information, visit


Since 1983, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors has provided fee‐only financial planners across the country with some of the strictest guidelines possible for professional competency, comprehensive financial planning, and fee‐only compensation. With more than 2,600 members across the country, NAPFA has become the leading professional association inthe United States dedicated to the advancement of fee‐only financial planning.  Learn more at

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