GuideVine was recently featured in the New York Post highlighting a study commissioned by GuideVine showing many Americans are sorely lacking knowledge in personal finance.

  • Only 30 percent of those studied said their current earning and budget enabled them to make a proper financial plan.
  • 27 percent of the over 30’s polled felt they’ll never become a homeowner.
  • Nearly a third (31 percent) could never envisage a life for themselves where they would never be in some sort of debt
  • Just 13 percent of the 1,000 studied had a 5-year plan for their finances.

The majority of respondents had never sought financial advice before (64 percent), which may be because only 49 percent of people believe that financial advisers are trustworthy.

According to GuideVine CEO, Raghav Sharma, part of distrust stems from the lack of transparency because “making sense of all the different financial professionals is very confusing; there are literally hundreds of thousands of representatives in the industry.”

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