Get #FinanciallyFit with GuideVine This Summer

Each week GuideVine will cover a different topic important to financial fitness, such as retirement planning, taxes, social security, and many more. In an effort to improve their own fitness, GuideVine team members have committed to complete various exercises based on the number of likes and shares that the videos receive.

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GuideVine Featured on Good Morning America

GuideVine was featured on the Good Morning America segment “Real Money” with Rebecca Jarvis as “the best place to find a financial advisor”. Skip forward to the 1:30 mark, where Lauren Lyons Cole, CFP® touts GuideVine as “one of my favorites”. Originally aired on October 14, 2016. Click above to watch and share on Twitter!   George:  Now for our series, “Real Money.” This morning, we’re going to look at …


GuideVine “Summer Scoop” Returns

GuideVine announced the return of its Summer Scoop financial literacy campaign for the Summer of 2016. The campaign will serve up daily “scoops” of personal finance tips and advice from financial experts around the country in the form of the quick videos. Whether you are just starting out, ready to retire, just beginning to learn about finances or a seasoned investor, there is something for you.


GuideVine Review: Matchmaker for Financial Advisors

Your financial advisor can be one of the most important people in your life, minus your family. Unfortunately, looking for one can be an arduous process — gathering referrals, digging through Google results, scheduling in-person meetings — with no guarantee that you’ll find an advisor who matches your needs. GuideVine, an online matchmaker for consumers and financial advisors, wants to make it easier for you to not only find financial advisors, but to find the right financial advisor.