This week’s top reads are full of personal finance inspiration and juicy nuggets of information. In the first section we have simple phrases to stimulate deep thought, insight on what helps and hurts investment returns on any portfolio, and how financial planning can help even those that have achieved financial independence.

In the personal interest section: encouraging tips to help you out of your “uninspired funk” and pass that motivation on to your team.

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Personal Finance

Little Money Rules

If you’re looking for a quick but powerful read, this one is for you. Morgan Housel has written 18 phrases  to make motivational, to-the-point statements about money that will resonate with every reader. From Your investing ability is unproven until it’s survived a calamity, to Debt removes options, savings adds them, Housel invites you to think more deeply about your relationship to money and connect to the reason you may feel compelled to make certain financial decisions. You’ll want to have your sticky notes nearby so you can write a few of these down for quick inspiration in your office!

Read the full list of rules here.

What Helps and Hurts Your Investment Returns

In this article Barry Ritholtz asks What drives the returns of any investment portfolio? and provides a list of seven elements that can be applied to any portfolio. On the list: security selection, asset allocation, behavior and discipline, and more.

For the full seven elements, click here.

Financial Planning for the Person Who Has Everything

Have you reached full financial independence, or think you know someone who has? You have all the material possessions that your heart desires, your home is perfectly updated, you drive your dream car and take as many vacations as you’d like each year; so financial planning isn’t something you need, right? Tim Maurer is putting that question to the test by going through two scenarios for someone in this situation. Maurer encourages outside-the-box thinking that may have you looking at financial planning in a new light.

Read the full article here.

Personal Interest

How to Inspire Your Team When You’re Feeling Uninspired

As a leader who feels uninspired, it can be difficult to spark inspiration and productivity amongst your team. Business leadership coach and author Cheri Torres says that good leaders don’t have to be cheerleaders to motivate themselves or others. In this article by Lisa Evans, she provides five conversations that you can have with yourself and your team to get the creativity and motivation flowing.

Read the full article here.



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