This week’s top reads cover a range of topics, from retirement planning for women to market disruption. In the personal finance section, Morgan Housel explains why time horizon works, Russ Thornton tells us how to create a retirement savings goal, and Amber Kelly writes about why retirement planning is different for women.

In the personal interest section, Mark Suster compares the difference between management and leadership and Danielle Kost interviews author Thales S. Teixeira on what’s really disrupting businesses.

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Personal Finance

Why Time Horizon Works

Why is time horizon powerful when it comes to investing? Morgan Housel says that two things drive every single change in the markets over time: earnings and changes in how much investors want to pay for those earnings.

Housel explains in depth how earnings and valuation changes impact overall returns, and applies this quote from Ben Graham to tie it all together:

In the short run the market is a voting machine but in the long run it’s a weighing machine.

Read the full article here.

Reality Check: How Much Do You Actually Need to Retire?

Today, financial advice is everywhere you look. If you simply Google “how much do I need to retire?” you are met with endless information from money “experts” and news websites everywhere. But how do you know which podcast or blogger or financial guru to trust? Russ Thornton of WealthCare for Women says that they are all missing one thing: they offer generic financial advice, and the most important piece–you and your unique financial situation, is missing.

So how do you build a retirement savings goal? Thornton says to:

  1. Think about your retirement lifestyle
  2. Create a retirement budget
  3. Reverse engineer your retirement savings “number”

For the full list of questions and how to plan appropriately, read the full article here.

Retirement Planning is Different for Women

Women are still outliving men, and this can pose a problem when it comes to retirement planning for many reasons. Amber Kelly of Global Wealth Management shares five challenges that women are faced with and need to plan for when looking at their retirement goals. When it comes to retirement planning for women, Kelly addresses the wage gap, higher healthcare costs for women, investment styles, and the fear of discussing finances.

If you’re a woman who’s been avoiding financial planning, or if you handed the job over to your spouse years ago, it’s never too late to get involved. Don’t be intimidated — by the jargon, your spouse or anything else. And don’t say you’re too busy. (Even if you are.)

Read full the article here.

Personal Interest

One Thing That Great Leaders Understand

In this article, Mark Suster was inspired by two Tweets that he came across on his twitter feed from Michael Seibel about leadership:

When I was young I thought management was about distribution/delegation of responsibilities. I now realize it is truly about the maintenance of morale and motivation. Morale and motivation are moving targets that require consistent and proactive effort to maintain.

Suster dives into the differences between management and leadership, explaining how he feels some startups are missing the mark and emphasizing why it’s so important for leaders to notice these differences.

Ultimately leadership is about knowing how to get the most out of a team. This not only involves division of responsibilities but also knowing when it’s time to change or add team members.

Read the full article here.

What’s Really Disrupting Business? It’s Not Technology

Thales S. Teixeira authored Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Consumer Disruption, published in February of 2019. In the book, Teixeira discusses how so many established companies are finding themselves in the midst of disruption because startups are stealing their market share.

Danielle Kost interviews Teixeira to talk about technology and how companies need to shift their focus when they address disruption.

In most cases, consumers are disrupting markets, not startups and not technology. Your way out as a business executive requires adapting and evolving your business model.

For the full interview and an excerpt from the book, click here.



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