This week’s top reads are about retirement planning. Raghav has sourced articles about entering retirement with insufficient savings, tools to keep you happy in your golden years, and tips for entrepreneurs to consider when planning for retirement.

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3 Ways to Make Up For a Retirement Savings Shortfall

Ben Carlson of A Wealth of Common Sense shares three strategies to bulk up your retirement savings, should you find yourself underprepared for life after leaving the workforce. Humans are living longer, making it more prudent to save for the golden years. Read the full article here to see what you can do to better prepare.

Retirement Can Be a Trap For the Unwary

Author Dan Solin recently researched how to be happier:

I found extensive evidence that happier people are more likely to be successful. I previously thought it was the reverse: Successful people were more likely to be happy. My research debunked this myth.

Solin shares data on suicide, depression, and divorce rates among retirees, and an anecdote about Kodak founder, George Eastman, who lost his purpose after retiring and took his own life. With these findings in mind, Solin shares 8 ways to prepare for a fulfilling retirement in this article.

Why Retirement Planning Should Be About Teaching Us How To Live In Retirement

In this Forbes article, Joseph Coughlin uses examples of retailers like Sephora and Whole Foods to explain how those companies thrive by doing more than just selling a product. Instead, they provide teaching opportunities – consumers go to these retail locations and learn to use skin care products and prepare healthy meals. However, the finance industry seems to be lacking a similar service to teach us how to live in retirement – one of the largest “purchases” we will ever make.

Even the financial services and retirement planning industry that could be described as owning retirement does not teach you about life after work. The current engagement strategy is to help retirement clients understand selected costs of retirement, e.g., healthcare, and why a mind-boggling array of products – annuities, mutual funds, ETFs, insurance, and so on, may help provide people financial security in retirement.

Read the full article here.

5 Retirement Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, thinking about retirement and leaving your business is probably not a topic you spend much time on. According to Meredith Wood of Fundera, delaying retirement planning will cost you the opportunity to grow your nest egg. Wood shares 5 tips to help entrepreneurs save and potentially increase their retirement funds. Read the full article here.

The Difference Between Innovators and Entrepreneurs

You can start a successful company without being the most innovative person. That’s the takeaway from this article by Steve Blank. Blank has “fireside chats” with students to teach them how to be successful entrepreneurs:

What I’ve noticed is that it’s rare that the smartest technical innovator is the most successful entrepreneur.

Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the role of the innovator here.



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