GuideVine is pleased to bring back its Summer Scoop financial literacy campaign for the summer of 2016. Every day from June 1st through August 31st, we’ll be posting a free video tutorial on a variety of personal finance questions and topics from experts around the country. Tune in by subscribing to, liking or following GuideVine on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to get the daily scoop!

Why we Scoop:

The reality is that most people need greater financial literacy skills, which is why the financial services regulators and industry have declared April ‘financial literacy month’. Rather than focus on one month, at GuideVine, our philosophy is to spread personal finance knowledge year round to today’s digitally savvy consumers. Our short, targeted, easy-to-consume videos feature independent financial advisors sharing their expertise on a range of common financial questions and topics, such as how to roll over a 401k from one company to another and how to create a retirement plan. The first Sumer Scoop campaign in 2015 reached more than 1.5 million people who were looking for information and education on important financial topics that they face everyday.

Why the Summer:

For many people, summer is a time with fewer daily demands, leaving them free to think about things they may put off during the rest of the year, including financial issues. The Summer Scoop videos are short and concise, so they fit easily into your day, and can be easily viewed on a phone or tablet, wherever people are (including the beach!) These videos are available through our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,), with a new video featured daily throughout the months of June, July and August. By the end of the summer we hope you have a deeper understanding and more confidence in your personal finances!

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From time to time, the team at GuideVine highlights certain topical videos and content from expert financial advisors. We find these helpful and hope you will to for your managing personal finances. To learn more, you can view and find potential advisors through our advisor matching service and listings, ask one-on-one personal finance questions to these experts, and view “How to” videos on our YouTube channel (