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GuideVine.com Press and Media

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GuideVine.com’s mission is to help people find the right financial advisor. Traditionally, the search for a financial professional means asking for word-of-mouth referrals, relying on brand name firms and cutting through jargon. It's a time consuming, hit-or-miss, and unreliable method for finding the right financial advisor.

GuideVine.com represents the new way to find a financial advisor. Convenient. Unbiased. Trustworthy. With a nationwide network of pre-screened, fiduciary advisors consumers can quickly find professionals best suited for their particular needs. They can then narrow down potential choices by "virtually interviewing" them - watching advisor videos and going through detailed profiles.

GuideVine.com offers three methods for finding a financial advisor: investors can browse advisor profiles at their leisure, use the platform’s questionnaire and matching algorithm to find matched advisors, or they can book a GuideVine Concierge, a free offering where members of the GuideVine team walk them through the process of finding a financial advisor on the platform.

The GuideVine.com Story

In 2012, one of our co-founders happily got married. As he and his wife envisioned their future together they realized it was the right time to find a financial advisor.

Yet what followed was all too common: a series of awkward and unproductive meetings. GuideVine.com was born out of this personal experience with a mission to be the best place to find a financial advisor.

GuideVine.com by the Numbers


Founded in NYC


Advisor video views


Summer Scoop views


Active advisors




Advisor videos

The GuideVine.com Advisor

  • Fiduciary, with additional GuideVine.com requirements for experience, size, and regulatory history
  • 18 years of experience
  • $148 million AuM

The GuideVine.com Consumer

  • Looking for financial planning, wealth management, and retirement planning
  • 35+, typically married with kids
  • 40% high net worth, 50% mass-affluent



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