LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Ads: What’s the Best ROI?

It's clear that advisors should be advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to reach more prospects, but which is best?

Facebook is the third most visited website in the world, with U.S. Facebook users spending 40 minutes per day on the platform — almost as much time as they spending eating and drinking. LinkedIn and Twitter are not far behind, with more than half of U.S. professionals actively using LinkedIn. With so much time spent on the “big three” social media platforms, it makes sense for advisors to advertise to prospects …


Embracing The PESO Model for Marketing Success (Part 3)

Advisors should add a healthy dose of “earned media” to their marketing plan in order to impress the right people and earn share of mind.

The PESO Model (paid, earned, shared and owned) is a great way to “bucket” out any marketing plan. If you missed the previous articles in the series, The Digital Reality for Financial Advisors and Embracing The PESO Model for Marketing Success (Part 2), read those pieces now before continuing on. This installment will focus on “earned” strategies, also known as public relations, media relations and/or credibility marketing. SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT There’s …


What Does Your Branding Communicate About Your Firm?

If your photo was in the dictionary, which word would it be next to? That's your personal branding.

How important is branding in your buying decisions? The last time you purchased a car, did you select your choice based on fuel economy, insurance costs, and price? Or did you buy your car based on how it made you feel? Our personal brand is no different; it’s based on the emotional response we elicit in our clients and prospects. For all products, including smartphones and automobiles, people buy personality, …


How Can Your RIA Firm Benefit from the Repeal of the DOL Rule?

If you're a fiduciary advisor, now is the time to take advantage of the publicity created by the DOL Rule. Find out how to use the rule to your benefit now.

If you’re like most advisors, you’ve been preparing for the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule to take effect this April. However, on February 3rd, Donald Trump issued a memorandum that will push back implementation of the DOL rule by six months, and could kill the rule completely. His order instructed the department of labor to carry out an economic analysis of the rule’s impact before further action will be …


Five Centers of Influence Advisors Need to Meet

How can you grow your referral sources in a sustainable way without bugging your clients? Try partnering with Centers of Influence, or COIs.

As an advisor, you likely understand the importance of referrals for building your business. But trying to increase the number of referrals you get each year can feel more like hounding your clients to share your information with their friends and family. What’s more, most advisors have about 100 clients, which limits the number of referrals they can receive in any given year. How can you grow your referral sources in …


Automate Your Marketing with an Email Workflow

Is your marketing running on autopilot or do you have to remember to follow up with each new prospect you meet? Use marketing automation to create an email workflow so your prospects hear from them on a regular basis automatically.

Is your marketing running on autopilot or do you have to remember to follow up with each new prospect you meet? Top advisors use marketing automation to create an email workflow so that new prospects hear from them on a regular basis automatically. Once a new contact is on your email list, they will get to know you better and can take the next step toward working with you. You’ve …


How to Talk to Your Clients About Trump Tax Changes

Your clients will likely have many tax questions surrounding Trump's win. See how to calmly answer them one-by-one.

One of the key uncertainties of Trump’s presidency is the group of changes that may be made to the tax code. Clients will want to know how they will be affected, and this article covers the primary concerns advisors will be asked about.


The Three Biggest Marketing Mistakes Advisors Make

Many advisors know they need to update their marketing but aren’t sure where to start. Sound familiar? Here are the three biggest marketing mistakes advisors should avoid.

Marketing financial advisory services can be complex and frustrating. Advisors today are confused because what worked in the past often doesn’t work anymore. Additionally, many have spent thousands on marketing mistakes that didn’t pay off and are wary of new approaches. But without spending on effective marketing campaigns, your business will certainly have a difficult time growing. Yet, many advisors become paralyzed by their marketing efforts. They aim to get a …


4 Steps for Marketing in the Digital World

Learn 4 ways to digitally market yourself and reach your target audience as a financial advisor.

Marketing is a key to success for any financial advisor, and it is important to do so effectively. A strong marketing and branding strategy should position an advisor to evolve with consumer preferences. Choosing a target market, creating consistent, relevant content, and engaging with one’s audience are just a few ways to get ahead.


The Importance of a Logo

See why a well-designed logo is important for your firm.

The Importance of a Logo Four years ago, I needed to create a logo for my investment management firm StratFI. The problem was my complete lack of artistic talent. Investment managers are good at other things, such as geeking out in front of the computer, obsessing over quarterly earnings reports, or making sense of economic statistics. We also love to read. Graphic design… not so much. I had recently learned about …