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GV Insights – Consumer Concierge

Finding a financial advisor is no easy task. Whether a consumer is just getting started, looking for a second opinion, or wanted to make a change, each situation brings with it complexity that requires a certified professional. GuideVine solves this problem. Our advisors are all vetted industry professionals with unique profiles featuring videos on their financial philosophy and approach.

GuideVine is a single place for consumers to perform diligence, reach out to, and ultimately find the right advisor for them. A cornerstone of our ability to connect consumers looking for advisors is our concierge program, and we invite you to learn more about it here.

Real People, Real Solutions

Built on the foundations of luxury customer service, taking skills learned from the hotel and retail industries, the GuideVine Concierge is a customer service professional who understands that finding a financial advisor is a long, complex process. We develop relationships with our advisors so that we can better understand the clients they serve and act as trusted, unbiased advocates.

We built the concierge program to be friendly, helpful, and knowledgable when it comes to connecting consumers with advisors. There are no conversations with robots here. Our concierges are real individuals who are able to connect with both consumers and advisors on a deeper level to provide outstanding service.

Thorough Evaluation

To ensure that our advisors are connecting with quality, legitimate consumers, we follow up when consumers reach out. We assess their genuine interest, engage in conversations with them, and learn more about their situations. In doing so, we are able to provide our advisors with the information necessary to make better decisions when working with these consumers.

An added benefit of our early engagement with interested consumers is to get them to organize their thoughts and clarify what they are looking to gain by starting a relationship with our advisors. From there, we can help our advisors to get a clear sense of if the consumer would be a good fit for their practice and, when it makes sense to do so, pick up the conversation right where we left off.

Better Matching

Through a robust level of interaction with the consumers visiting GuideVine, we are able to provide better matches to the advisors best suited to help. This means more productive conversations earlier on and less wasted time for our advisors. To get a better idea of the key roles of our concierges, below is a list of their core responsibilities. They assist with:

  • Determining what financial needs consumers have
  • Determining the best approach to engaging an advisor
  • Scheduling initial consultation meetings
  • Identifying the right materials needed for consumer meetings

…and many more.

More Meetings Completed

With our concierges at the helm, GuideVine advisors have benefitted from more meetings with consumers looking for help. Compared to consumers who engage with advisors without a concierge, the numbers are striking: With our concierges to assist, both consumers and advisors benefit from more connections with increased effectiveness.

More New Clients Added

GuideVine advisors are looking to grow their digital footprints and land new clients. Our concierges have a direct effect in helping advisors to expand their businesses by helping the right clients meet with them. The numbers speak for themselves: No matter where you are located, our concierges help to connect consumers across the country with advisors who are the right fit for their needs.

Join GuideVine

GuideVine is a digital marketing prospecting platform that provides advisors with valuable consumer insights and helps advisors connect with affluent investors. Offering a range of plans for individual advisors to advisory teams, GuideVine is here to upgrade your marketing and prospecting efforts. Learn more about joining here.

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