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GV Insights – Growing Your Practice with Social Media and Video (Webinar)

There are many different ways to grow your practice, but using a combination of social media and video is one of the best ways to fuel your growth online. We’ve created a helpful, 30-minute webinar with Claire Akin of Indigo Marketing Agency to cover the key points you need to know to get started.

What We’ll Be Covering

  • How Strong is Your Digital Footprint?
  • Why are Video and Social Media Powerful?
  • Where Does Digital Fit With Your Business?
  • How Do You Rate Your Online Presence?
  • How to Use Your Digital Presence Correctly
  • Useful Case Study
  • Free Digital Footprint Scorecard Worth $450
  • How to Get an Amazing Marketing Video

Exciting Offer

Join GuideVine as a new advisor after watching the webinar and you’ll receive a free Digital Footprint Scorecard (a $450 value!) The scorecard provides a detailed look at your firm website and social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to provide actionable steps for improvement.

When to Tune In

The webinar is live and you can watch it below:

Join GuideVine

GuideVine is a digital marketing prospecting platform that provides advisors with valuable consumer insights and helps advisors connect with affluent investors. Offering a range of plans for individual advisors to advisory teams, GuideVine is here to upgrade your marketing and prospecting efforts. Learn more about joining here.

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