Two Threats to an Advisor’s Business and One Simple Solution

Many mature advisors face two predominant challenges. But is there a simple solution to these threats to an advisor's business?

Our industry surely isn’t lacking in threats to an advisor’s business, including increasing competition, falling markets, and robo-advisors. But for all the attention these factors get, most of us are well protected against them because of the trusted relationships we have with our clients. If you’re a mature advisor with a loyal group of clients, robo-advisors and market volatility likely don’t cause you to lose sleep at night. But what …


Do Advisors Need LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for advisors, but is LinkedIn Premium worth the extra money?

We know that LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for advisors, given that one in three professionals worldwide have profiles. The Pew Research Center surveys show that the average user is 44 years old, the average income is $109,000, and the average investable asset value is over $250,000. If your new client account minimum is above $250,000, consider that 26% of ultra-high-net-worth investors also use LinkedIn. As the Great Transfer …


Infographic: 3 Essential Productivity Tips for Financial Advisors

Don't have enough time? Here are some tips to become more productive.

For most financial advisors, having enough time to effectively manage your clients and business growth can be challenging. Top financial advisors know that working at their productive best is essential if they are to build and maintain momentum. Here are 3 tips that you should incorporate to operate at your best.


Impact of the DOL Fiduciary Rule on Financial Services: VIDEO

What impact will the DOL Fiduciary Rule have on consumers, RIAs and innovations in the advisory industry?

Khalid Usmani, Director of Advisor Success for GuideVine, joined to discuss the DOL Fiduciary Rule. In this interview he shares his thoughts on the positive effect the DOL ruling will have for consumers as well how it will affect RIAs. He also shares his perspectives on ways innovation and technology will disrupt the wealth management industry in the near future.


The Digital Reality for Financial Advisors

Need to translate your traditional marketing strategies into the digital world?

Progressive financial advisors and advisory firms have found the integrated PESO model helps translate traditional marketing strategies into ones that leverage digital and mobile channels. Encompassing Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media types, learn how it unlocks new opportunities with clients and prospects.


Infographic: LinkedIn Guidelines for Financial Advisors

Using LinkedIn? Here are some tips to staying within Compliance rules.

For sites like LinkedIn, where an advisor can control the type of content that appears, they need to take great pains not to allow any type of forbidden testimonials. The “endorsement” and “recommendation” features of LinkedIn need particular attention. These tips can help an advisor stay compliant.


How Clients Find You is Changing: An Interview with GuideVine

Learn more about GuideVine in this in-depth interview by Stephen Wershing of The Client Driven Practice.

The Internet is dramatically changing how clients find advisors and how advisors can get introduced to clients. The days of getting introduced to people because a client shared your card to someone else are by and large gone. One of the most interesting new platforms for advisors and clients to meet is GuideVine. It is a service that enables advisors to post videos of themselves describing their services and their philosophy on a platform that prospective clients can search based on multiple criteria.


“Call Me, Maybe?”: Why Clients Leave Their Financial Advisors

Stay ahead of the story with a communications strategy and avoid the “you’re fired” call.

Given the high levels of market volatility, most financial advisors are getting more calls from their clients on how their investments are performing. But if you are the one receiving the calls, and not the one making them, then you are already behind. The best advisors follow a well-defined communication strategy with clients and stay ahead of the story.