The 4Cs: Content Creation Tips and Resources for Busy Financial Advisors

Are you using the 4Cs of content creation to build a compelling digital presence?

A Content Pyramid can help financial advisors build and maintain a compelling online presence; however, creating new content can take time. By using the 4Cs of content creation – canned, curated, custom and celebrity – advisors can build a compelling digital presence, while still effectively leveraging their time.


2016 Business Growth for Financial Advisors

Peg your success in 2016 to the 3M’s and a robust marketing plan

As financial advisors, we start another New Year full of possibility and hope. Most of us have probably already hit the ground running, focusing on accomplishing great things. We can increase our chances of success and growth, by setting our objectives and creating measurable goals to develop a robust plan that attracts the right clients and brings in new business. Here are some of the objectives many top financial advisors have included in their 2016 marketing plan: Visibility: Raise profile …


Infographic: Why Financial Advisors Use Videos for Client Meetings

Not using video chats with clients? Learn why more and more advisors are using them to build connections.

Almost every financial advisor will agree that in-person meetings with clients and prospects are the most powerful way of connecting with them. However as lives grow hectic, demands on everyone’s time increase, people move and practices expand across geographies, many financial advisors are turning to video chats. Here are five reasons why.


Using a Content Pyramid to Engage Prospects and Clients Online

What impression does your digital presence have on prospects? Using a Content Pyramid can enhance your online platforms and social media accounts.

It is now a cliché to even ask, “What’s the first thing people do before or after meeting you?” The answer, of course, is “Google you.” What that search shows about you and your firm can win or lose you business. Bolster your current digital footprint through a five tiered Content Pyramid designed to create a more engaging presence.


Market Your Financial Advisor Practice Effectively

Overwhelmed by marketing? Here are four essential tasks where outsourcing and technology can help.

“I don’t have time to do it myself!” is a common refrain from advisors when it comes to marketing. While the personal touch is essential for all advisors, there are many key, but tedious, tasks you can outsource to free up more hours and sustain your energy for the activities you do personally.


Social Media Compliance Guidelines for Financial Advisors

Do you know how to think through and manage endorsements and comments on websites and pages under your control?

Revised SEC guidance states that independent third-party sites that gather community or public sentiment on financial advisors do not violate the testimonial rule. However, it is very important to remember: where you can control the comments, you should take great pains not to allow any type of forbidden endorsement or testimonials. Here’s how to make sure.


Making Sense of the SEC’s Third-Party Review Site Rules

Did you know the SEC now allows financial advisors to publish comments from third-party review sites? Here's how.

The SEC no-testimonials rule prohibits RIAs/IARs from using client endorsements in their advertising. But in April 2014, the SEC issued new guidelines on the use of social media and online communications, which opened the door to something new: the ability for advisors share public comments about their services that are posted on independent websites. But before you consider adding these to your website, there are things you should know.


9 Steps To Create Your Own Client-Generating Virtual Event

Looking for new clients? Low cost, easy-to-set-up and repeatable virtual events may be just the "boost" your marketing efforts need.

Attracting new clients is challenging. Even the best office and state-of-the-art technology doesn’t help without an ongoing effort to meet prospects. One often-overlooked channel to generate new clients is hosting virtual events. By following a series of simple steps, you can be on your way to create your own impactful, client-generating virtual event!


How to Make a Great First Impression? Hint: It’s Not All About You.

Did you get the job? What are the steps you can take for better and more successful prospect and client interactions.

For financial advisors, treating every prospect and client interaction like a job interview can lead to deeper relationships and more productive client service. At a recent Scottrade Advisor Services Workshop, industry insiders talked about the importance of being prepared and shared tips on what to do.